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Dog Training is an Unregulated Industry?

At Play Train Positive Dog Training, we believe in transparency. Unfortunately, anyone can say they are a “dog trainer,” but a professional trainer is transparent about their tools and methods. We invite you to browse this page of videos and photos demonstrating actual clients training their dogs under our guidance.

This way, you too can see the effectiveness of positive, reward-based training methods.

How To Choose A Trainer

Selecting a dog trainer is a pivotal decision that will significantly impact your dog’s life. To ensure your pet receives the best training, opt for a trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques, has a solid reputation, and possesses relevant certifications. Conversely, be cautious of trainers who make unrealistic promises, use harsh or aversive methods, or lack qualifications. Before choosing a trainer, request references and observe a training session.

Remember, your dog’s safety and happiness should be your top priority!

Red Flags To Look Out For In Aversive Dog Trainers

  • Promises quick fixes or guarantees training results
    • Effective training takes work, time, and consistency, so good trainers will never make any promises.
  • Uses physical punishment when training
    • Employing pain in training can instill fear and heightened anxiety in your pet.
  • They reference being the “Alpha” of your dog, dominance, or wolf pack theories
    • This is a dangerous and outdated myth that science has long debunked.
  • Lacks training certifications or does not keep up with continual education
    • Good trainers will keep up with science-based theories and training methods.
  • Recommends aversive and correction types of equipment
    • Relying on choke, prong, or e-collars can potentially escalate aggression and result in lasting adverse effects, both behaviorally and psychologically.
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