So You’ve Decided One Dog is Not Enough

To make sure everything goes smoothly, the new kid on the block should be a good match for your dog. Choose one with a similar energy level and a friendly temperament. First impressions are important, so make sure they happen in a fun, neutral place. Walk in a park or make a playdate for the first meeting. Allow the dogs to greet on a loose leash with parallel introductions- allow lots of sniffing! Once the new kid comes home, manage the environment with a crate, gate or pen.

Avoid unnecessary competition around the food bowl, by feeding them on opposite sides of a baby gate, or in another room.Traffic control encourages harmonious cohabitation. Dogs should be walked together sometimes, but more often separately. Train separately and play with your new puppy or dog, just the two of you. Remember, the new kid needs the same one-on-one attention the first dog benefitted from.