In-Home Training

Little boys love their family dog

Personalized service, in your home, at your convenience. What’s not to love? Whatever age your dog or puppy, the best thing you can do is invest in his/her future with in-home training.

  • Set up your puppy’s environment for quick & easy housebreaking.
  • The younger you start your puppy’s basic training the easier it will be!
  • For adult dogs, problems that occur in the home, are dealt with where they happen.
  • Sessions are customized for your dog and your needs.
  • Your whole family will learn the skills necessary to stop unruly behavior before it escalates.
  • Young children and dogs are taught to interact safely
  • Together, we’ll teach your dog the basics: to come, go to his place, greet guests at the door by sitting, wait to leave the house and walk on a loose leash.
  • Problem behaviors such as fear, aggression, reactivity, barking and general unruliness can also be addressed during private in-home sessions.
  • Then it’s up to you to implement what you learn and practice until the next session.
  • One of the private sessions can be done in a distracting public place, such as a park, or outdoor café, to teach your dog he must practice good doggy manners no matter where, no matter what. Now that’s a well-trained dog!

Contact Susan Claire, CPDT-KA for more information at 954-349-5969

PlayTrain uses science-based, force free methods.  We never use any method or collar that causes your dog to feel pain, fear or intimidation.  We follow the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) codes of ethics.


Remember, we never use: