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Play Train Positive Dog Training: Group Dog Training Classes for Broward County Area Pet Parents

Embark On a Journey of Learning and Growth

Alongside Fellow Pet Parents

At Play Train, we believe learning with your peers adds more fun to the training experience.

Our group classes offer a supportive environment where you and your dog can socialize, learn new skills, and bond with others who share your passion for canine companionship. Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-time puppy parent, our expert trainer guides you through every step of the training process.

Our Group Classes

4 Classes/ For Puppies 9-20 Weeks

In Puppy Kindergarten we focus on preventing behavior problems before they arise through early socialization and training. We aim to provide a supportive environment where puppies can thrive and develop essential skills for a well-balanced life. Through engaging play sessions in our group class, puppies learn to interact with their peers, build confidence, and practice good manners such as bite inhibition and respectful play. Meanwhile, as a puppy parent, you'll gain valuable insights and techniques to address common challenges like potty training, excessive mouthing, and destructive chewing.

Requirements for Puppy Kindergarten

Your puppy can join any week of the Puppy Kindergarten Class if they have had the second puppy booster vaccine and have been in your home for 10 days.

Other requirements for Puppy Kindergarten:

A bed
High-quality treats (freeze-dried raw meal mixers, freeze-dried chicken, duck, fish, etc.)
A front-attaching harness
A 6-foot leash of leather, cotton, or nylon and a 30-foot tracking lead
NO: retractable leashes, metal leashes, metal collars

Investment: $95

5 Week Class

Join our Basic Positive Training group class and learn essential techniques to teach your dog manners and focus. Through positive reinforcement methods, you and your dog will master cues such as sit, watch me, down, stay, leave it, and wait. Gain the skills to walk your dog calmly on a loose leash, greet others politely, and achieve a reliable recall. Our trainer will guide you in fostering cooperation and enthusiasm in your dog without the need for harsh methods. Join us and build a strong bond with your furry friend based on trust and mutual respect.

Requirements for Basic Doggy Manners

  • Handlers 16 and older.
  • Proof of rabies and parvo/distemper yearly booster vaccinations
  • High-quality treats (freeze-dried raw meal mixers, freeze-dried chicken, duck, fish, etc...)
  • If you have a small breed, it is best not to feed your dog on Saturday morning before class.
  • Six-foot leash of leather, nylon, or cotton*
  • Front attaching harnesses only (Sensation Harness* and Freedom Harness are the best-fitting)
  • Allowable collars: flat nylon or leather buckle, or Gentle Leader head collar
  • Not allowed: choke chains, prong collars, retractable leashes, chain leashes, or back-attaching harnesses (unless your dog is under 10 lbs.)
  • Your dog must be friendly toward people and other dogs

Good Ideas

  • Water/Bowl (water is available)
  • Pick-up bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray (rarely necessary)
  • Folding chair for observers.
  • *I highly recommend: a six-foot leather leash (easy on the hands) and a Sensation Front-attaching harness. For extreme pullers, a gentle leader is recommended.

Investment: $195

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