The PlayTrain Method

Blending play, training, exercise, enrichment and impulse control.
A customized plan designed for your unique lifestyle.

Positive Training -AND PLAY- With Your Dog

Our private, adult dog training blends effective methods with play to achieve your training goals.

Specializing in fear and reactivity training alongside basic manners, we empower Broward County pet parents to cultivate a positive connection with their canine companions through fun and learning.

Are You Struggling With

Basic Manners

Let’s turn unruliness into good doggy manners. We use reward-based methods to replace unwanted behavior with desirable behavior.


Ease your dog’s anxiety with practical training to overcome noise phobia, fear of strangers, fear on walks, and veterinary and grooming procedures. There is help for the fearful dog!

Leash Pulling

Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash makes the walks pleasant for both species! And leash corrections are not necessary!

Kids and Dogs

Your whole family will learn the skills necessary to stop unruly behavior before it escalates.Young children and dogs are taught to interact safely.

At Play Train, it’s always possible to start training!

We understand that behavioral challenges can often cause frustration and concern.

Let’s work together to unleash your dog’s full potential and create a fulfilling partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Our Adult Dog Training Options

Our personalized in-home training service is designed specifically for adult dogs and conducted in the comfort of your home and on a schedule that works for you!

Problems that occur in the home, are dealt with where they happen. Your whole family will learn the skills necessary to stop unruly behavior before it escalates. Together, we’ll teach your dog the basics: to come, go to his place, greet guests at the door by sitting, and wait to leave the house. With customized sessions, we focus on teaching essential manners and promoting safe interactions between children and dogs.

Together, we'll work towards establishing a harmonious relationship built on trust and understanding, ensuring a happy, well-behaved companion for years to come.

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For clients seeking to elevate their dog's skills beyond the basics, our advanced in-home training offers various techniques and cues tailored to meet your specific goals.

Beyond basic manners, our advanced training can include off-leash work, distance commands, hand signals, and teaching your dog to wait for permission to leave the house or cross the street.

We'll also work on refining behaviors such as extended stays with heavy distractions, fetch and retrieval of household items, and other personalized tasks tailored to your dog's abilities and lifestyle. With our advanced in-home training, you'll unlock your dog's full potential and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-trained companion.

Inquire About Pricing And Packages!

Is your pup looking to be of service? Pet-assisted therapy involves a dog and handler team visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and various facilities to bring joy and comfort to patients.

However, not all dogs are suitable candidates for this critical work. That's where we come in. PlayTrain offers comprehensive evaluations to assess your dog's suitability for pet-assisted therapy.

If it seems your dog is a good fit, we’ll provide personalized training to prepare you and your dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Test you choose.

Inquire About Pricing And Packages!

How Does Training Work?

Step 1

Get in touch

Contact us to learn more about our private in-home training programs!

Step 2

Let's train

We’ll train your dog, giving it the skills and confidence it needs to grow into a happy and confident dog!

Step 3


You enjoy a lifetime of companionship with your well-behaved canine companion!

Are You Ready for Positive Dog Training?