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Fear-Free Vet Visits

The Wave of the Future? Does your pet shake with fear at the veterinarian’s office? Pets who are hard to examine often find it a traumatic and stressful experience and so do their owners. This can result in missed appointments and pets not getting the medical care they need to thrive. Dr. Marty Becker, has developed […]

Training Success Story | All-American Pittie

Amy McGraw called me, concerned about her rescue dog Sparty, who she only had for 5 days. Sparty was rescued from the streets of Miami and rehomed by a police officer. Amy told me that Sparty had growled, snapped and tried desperately to escape when he was grabbed by the collar at the veterinarian’s office. […]

Live Healthy: Love A Dog

Our physical and emotional health go hand-in-hand, or hand-in-paw, for those that love dogs. Interacting with a dog releases powerful chemicals in our brains: Endorphins, which produce feelings of confidence and well-being and Oxytocin, which increases feelings of attachment and trust. The physiological effects of these chemicals include lowering stress, increasing immune response, blocking pain perception, and healing wounds faster. Much […]

Help, My Dog Lunges at Cars!

Lunging at cars, trucks, bicycles and other moving objects is a common and frustrating behavior issue. We often see this behavior in a dog that wasn’t socialized as a puppy. Maybe the puppy didn’t get to leave its yard during the critical social development period, or perhaps lived in a quiet rural neighborhood where fast-moving objects were few and far […]

So You’ve Decided One Dog is Not Enough

To make sure everything goes smoothly, the new kid on the block should be a good match for your dog. Choose one with a similar energy level and a friendly temperament. First impressions are important, so make sure they happen in a fun, neutral place. Walk in a park or make a playdate for the first meeting. Allow the dogs […]

Beware the Bufo

The ubiquitous Bufo toad is more than bothersome, it’s downright toxic. The lumpy, lumbering Bufo, is an invasive species that makes its appearance after it rains. Omnivores, they eat insects,lizards, frogs, other toads, small rodents, even dog food and dog poop! They start out tiny, but can grow to be so large, two hands are required to […]

How to Potty Train that Puppy

Teaching your puppy where you’d prefer he eliminate, and where you’d prefer he NOT, is as simple as A-B-C. A. Take your puppy out to the grass frequently B. Prevent your puppy from eliminating in the house C. Repeat Yes, it really is that simple. Why, then, do so many people feel “they’ve tried everything,” […]

Training Success Story – Miss Crissy Goes “Batty”

Georgia Mally loves her pet parrot.  But when she retired and had time to devote to another pet, she decided to check owning a dog off her bucket list.  Her research led her to Crissy, a 4-year-old Papillion who was also retiring– from the show ring.  Despite her diminutive size, Crissy was difficult to walk, because she lunged at cats, squirrels and lizards. Georgia […]