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Love at First Bite

Love hurts.  Especially Puppy Love.  That’s right, playbiting is a form of affection.  Puppies bite in play and when we are their only plaything, they bite us to initiate play, as they would with other puppies.  One of the best things we can do to re-direct this playbiting love-thing is to teach a simple command, […]

What Makes A Good Temperament?

It is a common misconception that “All a dog needs is love” or “It’s how you raise them” to increase the chances – or even “guarantee” – a dog will have a good temperament. And although these things are very important, there are a lot more factors that affect how a dog will behave at […]

Furry Impulses

Dogs lacking impulse control might display excessive mouthing and jumping, constant movement, an inability to settle down, snatching items and running away, or bolting out the door. These annoying behaviors usually begin in puppyhood. Just as a lack of impulse control in children can presage poor outcomes later in life, a lack of impulse control […]

Take A Hike, Would Ya?

I’ve found Broward County parks to be great places to hike, play and slip in a little training. Some of my favorites are Tree Tops, Markham, Easterlin, T.Y. and Heritage. There are areas within each that are off the beaten path. If you can visit them during weekdays, you and your dog will have a […]

“How Do I Get My Dog to Stop (fill in the blank)?”

We know that all animals repeat behaviors that are reinforced. So, reinforcing only the behaviors we want our dogs to repeat, and removing any reinforcer for those we don’t want them to repeat, is the answer. This simple answer probably makes your eyes glaze over, so let’s examine this conundrum. You don’t want your dog […]

Wait What Pack?

Is my dog trying to be Leader of the Pack? Sigh. Sadly, I still hear this question, although not as much as I used to. The question is misguided for a number of reasons. The sigh is for how this mindset adversely affects my favorite species, the dog.Several decades ago, some faulty research proclaimed that […]

The Loss

I recently lost a dog.  Not just any dog, Leo was my heart dog:  THE dog that bonds, loves and understands you like no other ever did or ever will. The dog that sets the standard for all dogs to come.His death, while not a surprise, was a shock, just the same.  He was sick […]

Body Language – Your Dog’s Native Tongue

If you own a dog, then you teach English as a second language. A dog’s native tongue is body language. Yet, dogs adapt and learn our English words with remarkable ability. There are many emotions that we share with our canine friends, and some that we project onto them. It’s in our best interest to […]