Teaching the Recall

There are many ways to teach the “Come” cue, also known as “the Recall.” Here I demonstrate by running backwards while luring Abby and saying the intended cue as the dog is doing the behavior, to help the dog make the association. Come must end in a sit, so we know the dog will stop in front of the handler. In the second video, Vincent, the student handler, calls Cooper on the long lead, adding a hand signal to the verbal cue. The dog has learned the cues!

Take Paws Puppy Socialization

Susan Claire being interviewed for a story about Puppy Socialization for the Take Paws Show on Bacon TV.

Suzy Hand Targeting

Suzy is fearful of new people. Teaching hand targeting has many uses, and is an excellent way to get a fearful dog to do a low-pressure greeting, once they have progressed to the point where they are ready.

Suzy Learning Tricks

Suzy was not properly socialized to people during her critical social learning period (under 4 months of age). When she first came to me, she could not be touched. I taught her to do some very simple tricks to build her confidence and develop some trust.

Jake Hallway Heeling

Jake liked to jump on his owner while she walked down the hallway and mouth at her arms. The solution: teaching him an incompatible behavior (heeling) while in the hallway.