Beware the Bufo

The ubiquitous Bufo toad is more than bothersome, it’s downright toxic. The lumpy, lumbering Bufo, is an invasive species that makes its appearance after it rains. Omnivores, they eat insects,lizards, frogs, other toads, small rodents, even dog food and dog poop! They start out tiny, but can grow to be so large, two hands are required to […]

How to Potty Train that Puppy

Teaching your puppy where you’d prefer he eliminate, and where you’d prefer he NOT, is as simple as A-B-C. A. Take your puppy out to the grass frequently B. Prevent your puppy from eliminating in the house C. Repeat Yes, it really is that simple. Why, then, do so many people feel “they’ve tried everything,” […]

Training Success Story – Miss Crissy Goes “Batty”

Georgia Mally loves her pet parrot.  But when she retired and had time to devote to another pet, she decided to check owning a dog off her bucket list.  Her research led her to Crissy, a 4-year-old Papillion who was also retiring– from the show ring.  Despite her diminutive size, Crissy was difficult to walk, because she lunged at cats, squirrels and lizards. Georgia […]